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Q. Directions?
A. Directions can be found at: apolloslute.com/directions

Q. Is this real?
A. Yes. Everything that you experience is real.

Q. The Pacific Northwest is rather large, will I need to travel far to get to the event?
A. The event is being held in Oregon and is about 2 hours south of Portland. If you Google the cities Junction City or Blachly, you'll be nearing the location...

Q. Can you tell us when the party starts and when it ends?
A. Of course! Music will be starting a bit before sunset on Friday (think 7ish) and will end on Psunday afternoon, probably 4 or so. Everything is relative when traveling to distant worlds, so this isn't an exact science. These are good numbers to keep in mind though...

Q. I kind of like to get situated and comfortable with my surroundings before a weekend of Epic'ness begins.
May I show up early to setup camp and get acclimated?

A. Gates open on Friday at Noon (PDT) and close early Sunday morning (also known as late Saturday night) at 3am. We have made the decision to stop allowing new people admittance into the event at that time because we are here to journey together. People arriving at that time are not really a part of the event and we want to know who we are traveling with. So please don't show up during the last few hours, we'll turn you away.
Also, we are going to have the gates open on Thursday afternoon between 4pm and 10pm, just in case anyone wants to get there a day early for some extra hangout action.

Q. I like booze, may I bring it?
A. If you are over 21, you may drink your alcohol.

Q. What else should I bring?
A. Perhaps you should check out our Preparations page!

Q. Sometimes I don't know when to stop and then I end up hurting myself. If I hurt myself at your event, may I sue you?
A. No. By coming to this event, you accept full responsibility for any and all damages that you, or your property, may incur. Be smart. PARTY RESPONSIBLY!

Q. Will you clean up after my mess?
A. No. Pack In. Pack Out. Learn It. Love It. Live It.

Q. I fucking _HATE_ the oil companies. Is there a place to organize carpools and rideshares?
A. Yes! In fact, we highly encourage this idea. Parking is _VERY_ limited, so head to NW-Psy for ride share options!

Q. I spin fire, may I bring my gear and spin fire at this event?
Unfortunately we cannot allow this. The land is rather dry and we want to provide a safe space for everyone to enjoy themselves this year and into the future. Beacuse of this, and our insurance people, we have to say No. Sorry...
(LED stuff is totally acceptable though...)

Q. Isn't the whole "psy" modifier to words starting with an "s" juvenile and played out?
A. I know you are but what am I?

Q. You know, I hate trying to cook food while camping. Will food be provided?
A. There is a meal planned for Psaturday evening, but otherwise you should pack some treats to munch on!

Q. Will there be toilets?
A. Yes! However, we always recommend that space travelers bring their own toilet paper. It is always better to be safe than sorry at these events. While we will be somewhat stocked up on things, party responsibly and bring something for your bum just in case...

Q. Do I have to lug my camping gear 6.04 miles before I can setup camp?
A. No! There are two different options for your camping needs and neither is far.

Q. I've got this [dog/llama/dinosaur/dragon], may I bring it?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot permit dogs at this event. I know that this will cause for a few sad faces, but it is the reality in which we are living right now. Please do not email us and tell us some story about why your absolutely wonderful animal needs to come; we simply can't allow it and the stories will just make us more sad. We want to celebrate with happy faces on, so let's all just respect this one. Thank you. Dragons are completely acceptable though!

Q. What about my kids? May they come?
A. Remember, this event is called Psymply Psychedelic. There will be loud music at all times and things will probably get intense. Know your children and use your discretion. We have happily included children at many of our events over the years, and there are a number of families coming, so if you think it'll be okay...

Q.My significant other and I seem to fight a lot and are generally miserable together. Will this party rekindle our Love?
A. Honestly, probably not. You two are most likely doomed, however I could be wrong. I think it would be best to leave the negative energy at home though and come to have a good time without any hangups. Also, maybe seek some advice from the professionals over at HedCoach.Com.

Q. I thought Apollos Lute and [inertia labs] disbanded years ago. What gives?
A. The Internet is an amazing place!

Q. I am a massive Infected Mushroom fan. Will there be music like that at your party?
A. No. Definitely not.

Q. When will you post who is playing when?
A. Probably August...

Q. I am getting ready for Burning Man and want to bring my [something], may I?
A. Let's talk. Email us at the address listed below.

Q. I've got this great idea for a theme camp area, may I do it?
A. Quite possibly! Maybe! Again, get in touch with us first. We can't have complete anarchy.

Q. What kind of cool shit should I expect to be happening at this party anyway?!
A. Good question! Go here for more information!

More Questions?
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