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RIP VAN HIPPY - (Psy-Harmonics / Matsuri / Creative Space / Tempest / Transient / INFORMATION; AU) - Rip Van Hippy has been delivering his unique blend of Psychedelic-Tribal-Aliens-Playing-Jazz-In-A-Forest-On-A-Mountain-Trance since the mid 1990's. Over the years he has released music as part of the groups Fluro Conspiracy, The Visitors, and Tripitaka; as well as on collaboratons such as Rip'n'Eiji, Rip'n'Ren, and Rip Van Hippy & Rei Lambdoll. Never one to shy away from trying something new, each album is unique in character, yet retains that special Rip Van Hippy je ne sais quoi. So hop a comet and travel with us, for this is one ride that you will not want to miss.

ANDREW TILL - (Psy-Harmonics / Sub / Cyan / INTERNET; AU) - Co-founder of three of the worlds most exciting, forward-thinking, genre-pushing, creative, psychedelic, tripped-the-fuck-out, bad ass labels that this world has to offer, Andrew Till is a man of many moods. Never one to be boxed into a corner, Andrew Till and Psy-Harmonics have spent nearly 20 years sidestepping your perception of reality. I'd like to write at length about this Dance Around Reality as well as these three labels and the music contained therein, but instead I will psymply suggest that you go click on that "INTERNET" link above to find out what you are about to experience!

PROCESS - (Flying Rhino / Creamcrop / TIP / Twisted / Matsuri / Artifact / Discogs; UK) - Longtime recluse and analog psychedelic maestro, Sean Williams is sort of like the Kevin Shields of the Psychedelic Trance world. Instrumental in creating some of the most bad ass music of a genre, only to change directions and do something entirely new, before that first genre went to shit. Sean has been busy lately with his PhD and new music project MONOSYNTH ORCHESTRA, so you may have given up on having a chance to hear the psychedelic tones of Prismatic being played directly from the source again. Luckily, when he heard that things were getting Psymply Psychedelic over here, Sean knew that this was the right place to ask, One Drop or Two?

GEL-SOL - (Em:t / Upstairs Recordings / Website; USA) - "My name is Andy and I make music. Sometimes I make ambient music and sometimes I make music with beats. Sometimes I make experimental noise and sometimes I cut up funny samples and make collages. Either way, it's kinda trippy. Making music is so much fun! ¡fart! I have several Gel-Sol albums out and about for sale, and a side project called Kids For Tomorrow. You can visit my website at for more info, including live shows and mixes. Gel-Sol is your pal. Thanks again for reading my bio!" -Gel-Sol
[...I should also mention that he is known for playing KILLER prog rock sets too...]

FOXDYE - (FUKDUP / ChickenHed / MySpace; USA) - Foxdye is queen of The Meta-Genre. Generally referred to as a breakcore artist, she tends to take a dozen styles of electronic music and put them into her blender, destroying YouTube blockbusters and the last few decades of pop music in the process. Foxdye will be delivering a very special set of psychedelically charged r41nb0ws for this show and we are very excited to see how they will g71mm3r! Be sure to check out her newest full-length album, M4g1c47 G71mm3r1ng R41nb0w, out now on FUKDUP Records to hear some of what you are in store for!

SECRET SOCIETY - (HSS / Quantum Frog / Facebook; USA) - The professional Slef Recombobulation Experts known as Secret Society have been steadily experimenting with their brand of Psychedelic Recombobulation Trance for the better part of some portion of variable time. As this variable has reached higher values, their experiment population has increased significantly and they are now on their way to dominating their genre and their field of study. Their thesis, entitled Explosive Diorama, will cover all aspects of this research and will be available for mass consumption soon!


Oh Muschi... what do we say about him? From Future Trance Foundation and [inertia labs] to the Phoenix Festival, he has always been one of the godfathers of the Psychedelic Trance scene here in the Pacific Northwest. He is also kind of a recluse and a wildcard. No one knows what might happen here, but isn't that why it is exciting?


Hailing from the land of Deafparents, the Deafchild has spent the past number of years steadily convincing the Psychedelic Trance community that house is trance music. Surprisingly, he does this very well and we love him for his skill at renaming things.


We here at Psymply Psychedelic have always wondered about the Gorilladust. Is he a type of Angel Dust off-shoot that makes people turn into gorillas instead of angels? Or is does he embody the mentality of a gorilla hopped up on dust? Or does he dust his house in a gorilla outfit as some sort of sexy foreplay for his wife? These question may never get answered, but we do know that he'll send your head into a tizzy during this event.


It's not easy to give you info about Psunspot. He is an "artist" and is well known for performing amazing sets when others would be unable to tie their shoes. Playing strictly from a grab bag of Finnish and Australian madness, Psunspot is going to be on his best behavior... whatever that was supposed to mean...


There aren't many Zoolander-esque super sexy Psychedelic warriors, but Kundabuffer has always been our glam on stage. We're hoping that his time in San Francisco hasn't spoiled his good looks, but even if it has, you'll still be able to enjoy his sleek sexy booty trance.


One day Makoi woke up and realized that he could be even more fantastic than he was previously. We weren't sure if this was possible, but holy shit. Makoi is certainly more fantastic now than he has ever been before. And that's a lot of compounded fantastic. If you don't dance throughout the entirety of his set, we'll be speechless.


Shadowvex is kind of a... for lack of a better term... shadow. No one is exactly sure why this is, but it is the truth... maybe Beaverton has something to do with it... we don't know. Anyway, Shadowvex is known for dark psychedelic moods and atmospheric nature, so he's probably going to fit in nicely amongst this group of hooligans.


The man, the myth, the legend. Philly G is a bit of a hermit around these parts. He truly only comes out to play a couple of times a year and it is always a treat when he does. He brings together a mashing of full-on energy, electro shock, and S.U.N. Project acid lines for a high octane set of happy'n'forceful trance music.

We know what you are thinking. We do. "The Bad Pioneer 2000 AND Fukumup? That's going to fuck my shit up! Is this even safe? Maybe I should consult my doctor." Let us assure you; regardless of how much this pairing may intimidate you, it'll be okay. You'll be safe. You might never be the same again, but your new levels of insanity will be a good thing!


Look, we all have our own interpretation of what it means to be psychedelic and, sorry, but some of you are just wrong. We here feel that Jah Rastaferguson is actually on the right track with his interpretation of what afternoon social psychedelia is all about. You might want to take notes, grab a lawn chair, a beverage, and enjoy yourself!


Uncky J is a special and unique creature. From free jazz to noise to krautrock to stuff that isn't even labeled yet; Uncky J is that guy. Do you want to be that guy who missed that other guy? No. No you don't. This is gonna be a special set for this man too, as he is leaving the great land of Portland for more northern pastures. Let's send him off in style.


The Queen of Cutecore hailing from the Mountains of Soft Fuzzy Cute Things, Kimberlily is a relatively new face behind the decks at this summer's most amazing events. Her presence in this scene is sure to grow with time though, because it is a known fact that there is no cure for Cute.


You know how you sometimes get together with your friends and come up with an idea so ludicrous that it almost makes sense? Yeah, this is something like that. Maybe a bit different. Maybe not. I suppose you'll just have to wait and see.


The Goa Constrictor... from picking fights with Infected Mushroom to being sued for a quarter-million dollars; from radio shows and dinosaurs to teapots and cardboard cutouts; The Goa Constrictor exists on a plane of his own. If he offers, you might want to go visit it sometime...

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