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Below is a list. Some would claim that it is an expansive list. There is a lot going on in this list stuff. You might not need all of it. You might not need most of it. But the things listed below might help you out and some will certainly provide a more safe, comfortable, and entertaining weekend for yourself. So please, pay attention...


Air Mattress / Sleeping Pad / Cot
Tarp / Groundcover
Rain Cover
Propane (Spare Bottle)
Camp Stove
Sleeping Bags
Camping Shower

NOTES: This is how we view it: Always Be Prepared. The middle of August is going to have long days that should be really hot. There is some shade, but the majority of the camping area is not too shady. Bringing a shade structure for your tent could really improve your experience. And while August should be nice and dry, sometimes Oregon gets rain. Check the weather before you head to the space and bring what you need to make you happy...


Sun Block
Insect Repellent
Alarm Clock
Water Bottle
Costumes & Accessories
Wash Cloth
Toilet Paper
Warm Clothing
Swim Wear

NOTES: It will (hopefully) be hot and dry during the day. You won't need layers of clothing then, however nighttime can be different. Layers are good. Be able to get warm at night, however allow yourself the comfort of breathable materials for the day. Plan to be in the sun for an extended period of time by bringing protection for your skin and lips and STAY HYDRATED.


Water (2 Gallons Per Person Per Day)
Cooler & Ice
Water Jug & Bucket
Cutlery & Cutting Board
FOOD (2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner)
Folding Table
Paper Cups / Plates / Bowls
Snacks / Munchies / Candy
Eating Utensils (Knife / Fork / Spoon)
Aluminum Foil
Ziplock Bags
Garbage Bags
Matches / Lighter
Paper Towels
Pots & Pans
Dish Soap
Cooking Utensils
Scrub Pads
Can Opener / Bottle Opener
Dish Towel

NOTES: There will not be any running water up at the Event so you must plan ahead to bring all of the water and materials you need to keep yourself hydrated and you & your things clean. Ice, bottled water and other items can be purchased while en route to the event (depending on when you show up to the event).


Hand Wipes / Sanitizer
Ear Plugs
Buckets / Trash Receptacles
Camera & Film / Video / SD Card
Musical Instruments
2-Way Radios / Walkie Talkies
Notepad / Pen
Pocket Knife
Extra Car Keys
Flashlights / Headlamp
Gas Can / Extra Gas
Fire Extinguisher
Maps / Directions
First-Aid Supplies
Rope / Twine
Duct Tape
Camp Chairs
Hammer / Rubber Mallet
Citronella Candles
Other Assorted Tools

NOTES: Come, have fun. Enjoy yourself. Relax. Enjoy a vacation. Draw pictures with friends. Play a game of chess on the field. Respect other people and their right to enjoy themselves too. Again, that Scout Motto of: Be Prepared seems make sense here.

This too:


[To Reduce Your Waste At Psymply Psychedelic]

There are things you can do to reduce your waste and therefore the amount of garbage you will need to bring back with you. Much of this will require that you plan ahead and make sure you allow yourself enough time to pack in an organized way.

The first thing you can do is to reduce the amount of potential waste you may bring with you BEFORE leaving town. Remove some or all of the packaging on food products and put the food into reusable plastic containers. If you don’t bring that extra bit of wrapping that will inevitably become trash, you won’t have to take it with you!

Cans or plastic bottles are lighter and a more manageable alternative to glass. Drinks packaged in aluminum or plastic can be smashed down into a much smaller size, once they are empty, which reduces the amount of space that your recycling will take up.

Another thing you can do, if you do have to bring along products which produce waste (i.e. food supplies), we recommend you use products which are packaged in paper or cardboard which can be burned safely and cleanly. These can be discarded in a fire pit or burn barrel thus eliminating this waste for you altogether! (PLEASE no cans, bottles, plastic or other non-Earth-friendly items in the fire pits and burn barrels).

Food can also be prepared before you come up to the event or bring food items that do not require a great deal of preparation and clean up. This will effectively minimize or reduce the amount of products you may have to use to clean up after yourself. Please keep in mind, there is NO RUNNING WATER at this event so cleaning up your food preparation can be very difficult.

Once again we ask that you PLEASE respect your Hosts & Mother Earth by planning ahead and making arrangements to take your trash with you.

[big thanks to the Esthetic Evolution crew for assisting with the creation of these suggestions]

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