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User-generated content integrated into your app. Interact with your audience, thanks to the GoodBarber Submission Section
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User to Collaborator: Allow your audience to share content on your app

Involve your audience by making your app collaborative, and build a close-knit community

Adding a Submission section to your GoodBarber app gives you the opportunity to get your users more involved, by allowing them to generate content on your app. When you add the Submission extension to your app, users can send different types of content: Photos and videos with text, or just text alone. This user-generated content will not be automatically published in the app, you'll have to publish it manually from the backoffice, so you can keep an eye on the submitted content and decide what you want to display or not in your app. Discover this extension and its main features.

  • Title and Description
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Email notifications for each content sent
  • Content management and publishing

How to integrate a Submission section to your app?

Quick and easy installation in the blink of an eye

The integration of this extension to your app is very simple and can be done in 3 steps:

  • 1
    In the Left Menu, click on "add a section"
  • 2
    Select the "Submission" extension to integrate it to your app.
  • 3
    Enter a name for this new section and click on "Add".

For a detailed step by step guide, please refer to our online help

Your Submission section is now integrated to your app!