How to sell an app?


How to sell a news app

Discover our tips for resellers to sell a news app


How to sell an app to a physical store

To boost your store's sales, rely on an app for your customers!


How to sell an online courses app

Surf the e-learning trend with online course apps


How to sell an app to an association

With an app, associations have much more influence. So go and get them!


How to sell an app to manage appointments booking

With an app, no more headaches about managing appointments 😉


How to sell an app for employee communication

Offer companies an app for communication and work organization 🗓


How to sell an app for an event

Add another dimension to events with an app for your clients!


How to sell an app to a radio station

Let your customers broadcast their radio shows with an app!


How to sell an app to a religious community

Strengthen community ties with an app for spirituality


How to sell an app to schools

Bring together teachers and students, parents and educational staff in an app for a school


How to sell a tourism app

Create a tourism app to offer visitors the trip of their dreams!


How to sell an app to a restaurant

Help your customer increase sales and brand awareness with a restaurant app!

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