Real human support

At every step of the building process, and after the publication of your app, there is a team of passionated people that help you make the most of GoodBarber


  • GoodBarber Help Center

    GoodBarber offers access to a large knowledge database, with detailed online helps and step by step videos.

  • Developer documentation

    Detailed documentation is available to guide developers through specific settings operations.

  • Technical Support


    GoodBarber offers technical support via email in over 6 languages. All of the staff is located in our offices based in Corsica, Paris, Lisbon and New York.

The build+

  • Building guide

    GoodBarber offers access to a step by step guide to assist you in successfully going through the submission process of your app to the Play Store and the App Store.

  • GoodBarber Takes Care

    The "GoodBarber Takes Care" service is an option which you can sign up for if you wish to hand over the building of your iOS and / or Android app to GoodBarber, as well as the future submission to the App Store and / or Play Store.

  • Step by step guide for the publication to the stores

    If you wish to manage the publication of your app to the stores yourself, a step by step guide is available, in order to guide you through every step of the publication to the App Store and the Play Store.

  • GoodBarber Review


    All iOS apps intended to be distributed in the App Store will be subject to a mandatory review carried out by GoodBarber. It will cost 29€ if the app is successfully published on the App Store. The review includes a thorough check by GoodBarber. If necessary, the team will provide a list of recommendations in order to maximize your app's chances of publication in the App Store. The team will then generate the app and send it to Apple.

  • Automatic screenshot generation

    Your GoodBarber back office is equipped with a tool to automatically generate the screenshots required to publish your app to the stores.

  • Automated build


    When you proceed with the building of your app, you send a request to one of our building servers which are 100% automated. You can quickly retrieve the executable file without having to wait for any human intervention and you can carry on with the publication process of your app.

  • Logging

    A history of published versions gives you an overview of the major updates performed on your app.

  • Retro compatibility

    When you update your app settings, modifications are applied to previously published versions, as long as they are compatible.

  • Renewing certificates

    A simplified process to renew your building certificates is triggered when your certificates expire.

  • Universal download URL

    A unique smart URL directs your user towards the right version of your app to download based on the device they use.

  • UDID for adhoc version


    You may declare the UDID of the phones which will be authorized to download the iOS adhoc version of your app for testing purposes before it is published in the App Store.