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GoodBarber is the first app builder ruled by a Design System: build your apps faster, easier and better.
Full and extensible platform to build iOS and Android native apps with the best design on the market, without coding, nor technical skills: everyone can use it!

✅ Use pre-built templates or start a custom app from scratch.
✅ Build Android, iOS and PWA apps seamlessly.
✅ Create professional apps with stunning design and UX without a single line of code.
✅ Designed for for small and medium businesses, freelancers, and content creators

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Get the most out of mobile apps with an app builder

Flexible and reliable mobile app builder, GoodBarber is the tool you need to build apps faster, with a top-notch design out of the box. You'll benefit from an easy-to-use online tool and outstanding customer support:

  • ✓  Easy DIY App builder with Drag and Drop Visual Interface
  • ✓  Time and Cost saving
  • ✓  Integration with Third-party tools
  • ✓  Tasks Automation
CMS of an app builder

Turnkey development platform to cover the entire app lifecycle


Research and development

An extensive team of international and highly skilled developers organized by technology:
  • CMAs / Backoffice / PHP team
  • Android Team
  • iOS team
  • PWA Team
Focused to build a solid cross-platform, scalable and secured infrastructure to face over 40 Millions mobile apps and Hundreds of Thousands users connections, our developers ensure the evolution of platform's technologies following latest mobile app industry standards. Our R & D team is constantly involved in the design of new connectors to ensure interoperability with third parties. A cloud-hosted software platform secure a 24h/day access and high availability.

UX and Design


A team of UX/UI designers is dedicated to constantly improving the CMS user interface, app templates and graphical elements. Up to 30 customizable themes and styles, GoodBarber is recognized as the best app builder for app design and style on the market.

Marketing services

Marketing Services

The Marketing Department offers an holistic approach to deliver best Monetization features, Analytics tools, tailored acquisition strategies to enhance your Brand awareness and boost sales conversions.

Customer success /After-sales

Customer Success /After Sales

A dedicated international team, operated in 5 languages, available 24 hours/day to respond to our customers issues and troubleshooting. Collecting customers ideas and suggestions, we and our customers, we build GoodBarber mobile app development platform together. We are able to propose business solutions tailored on your needs. We assist you in Submission Process on the App Stores

✅ What is an app builder?

An app builder is an online software tool that allows everyone to create and publish apps for mobile devices without code development. It's a turnkey solution to make mobile apps for people who don't have technical knowledge, by using a simple visual editor. So then, everyone can create their own app without outsourcing.
An app builder is a DIY tool to create mobile apps and designed for novice users with no programming skills. Therefore, it must keep easy to use and intuitive.
Based on automated tasks and routines, an app builder provides a very productive design environment to help users making their own apps without coding. Indeed, app makers are designed to perform repetitive tasks faster and accurately. In this sense, they are reckoned to be a smart technology to build mobile apps.
From a UX perspective, app builders provide a WysiWyg visual editor and Drag and Drop features helping users to visualize their app as they go, in real time. This makes it easier pushing edits and successive iterations.
An app builder is typically designed to deliver cross-platform apps allowing users to make mobile apps that work seamlessly on most operating systems available in the market. Additionally, the back-office includes built-in tools for development, testing, debugging and deployment that are workable by any developer using its own software and hardware.
Technically, app making software is hosted on a cloud platform which ensures high availability, security appliance and scalability.

App builders and No-Code technologies

Let's clearly locate app builder tools in the context of no-code technologies available on the market, according to their purposes and uses.
An app builder is a software tool that enables users to create mobile applications without code using a visual editor (a drag and drop interface), by moving elements on a canvas, instead of using programming languages.
Software App makers are part of a broader category of software tools known as no code development platforms. These platforms allow users to build a variety of software applications, including websites, databases, forms, and connectors, without needing to write code.
No code development platforms are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional development methods which are self-programming (DIY), hiring a freelance developer, outsourcing to a professional services agency.
Mobile app development is a professional domain where no-code development platforms are particularly useful. Indeed, app builder software are tools designed specifically for a vast audience of novice users without programming skills who want to create mobile apps, although professional people can also take advantage of this technology, reducing design and development delays.
Mobile app builders are able to release both native apps and Progressive Web Apps.
Native apps are built using a programming language specific to each operating system. Native approach allows mobile apps to use all the hardware and software resources of the mobile device on which they are installed. Native apps are classified by operating system: iOS apps for Apple devices running on iOS (iPhone)
Android apps for all devices running on Android OS, regardless of device manufacturer.
To create iOS apps, developers use Objective-C and Swift programming languages within XCode and AppCode development frameworks.
Android apps are developed using Java and Kotlin languages within Android Studio framework.
Unlike native apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web applications that work across different platforms and devices, providing an app-like experience to users even though accessed by a web browser. PWAs are developed using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

GoodBarber App builder

GoodBarber is one the most acclaimed and trusted no-code app builder for mobile apps, primarily due to the high quality design and user experience offered by its apps.
Its Graphical User Interface backed by a Wysiwyg editor and Drag-and-Drop functionality makes app building easier for everyone, regardless of technical knowledges. A user-friendly CMS helps to provide apps with a personalized and smooth user experience, enabling features such as push notifications, one-click payment, QR codes and much more.
GoodBarber app builder is also reputed for its ease of use and exceptional customer support. Cloud-based platform, the app making software is always available and accessible from any type of connected device from anywhere: this allows everyone to create professional apps at anytime.

Build Native and Web apps to leverage mobile business

Native Apps /PWA development

Choose a mobile app builder: create Native Apps and PWA without code

With GoodBarber No Code App Builder, you're able to create native apps (iOS and Android) and Progressive Web Apps seamlessly.
Cross-platform app development aims to reduce costs by delivering a single project that will run on all operating systems. It is very common that a company wants to make a mobile app targeting as wide an audience as possible. Therefore, that business app should be ideally available on iOS, Android and Web browsers to be accessible on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

Native apps

build native apps
Native apps are designed and coded specifically for each type of device and its operating system. They allow access to 100% of the capabilities and hardware resources of the device. Offering a native application to your users means offering them the best value for money for their mobile device.

iOS Apps

Designed for Apple iPhone devices, our iOS mobile apps are developed with the native Swift and Objective-C languages for iOS, using UIKit framework.
Our iOS apps meet high quality standards required by Apple's App Store Review Guidelines:  
  • App Design: Apple puts a lot of emphasis on raising design quality standards. Mobile apps published in the App Store must be perfect at this level. GoodBarber iOS App Builder offers a wide choice of templates and allows the creation of very high quality graphic elements.
  • UX / Ease of use. App interface must be intuitive: our app maker is designed to deliver mobile apps with a smooth user experience to its subscribers.
  • Features:  the app builder must be able to introduce new features and update the old ones.
  • Tests before submission: testing phase is a crucial step, especially at Apple:
    • Analyze the code to remove bugs and errors.
    • Check memory usage and stress.
    • Observe battery consumption
    • Perform functional tests.

Android Apps

Designed to work on all Android devices, our app making software delivers Android apps developed with Java and Kotlin native languages for Android, using Android Studio framework and Android SDK.
GoodBarber Android app builder ensures interoperability on all mobile devices, tablets and smartphones from all manufacturers around the world.
Moreover, GoodBarber's No-Code development platform is designed to comply with technical requirements, content and privacy policies required by Google Play Store: your app will be submitted to Play Store quickly and successfully available for downloads.
Today, Android devices (Google's mobile OS) account for nearly 80% of mobile internet!

Progressive Web Apps

PWA builder
Progressive Web Apps are a cost effective way to build mobile apps. Our PWA are developed with Angular JS and designed to work with all web browsers, on all types of devices: desktop, smartphone and tablets. Their main advantage is to provide an exceptional user experience, including many features such as push notifications, offline mode and direct access, without downloading or installing any app. PWAs can be used on any device that has a supporting browser and perfectly adapts to every screen.
Similar to native apps, they leverage native features and resources of any device. Easy to publish and to update (app stores approval is not required), PWAs allow for a faster deployment. With GoodBarber, building a PWA becomes very easy and affordable.

Your native app on App Store and Google Play

Native apps on Google Play and App Store
Create a native app, submit it to the App Store and Google Play, and enjoy many advantages offered by these stores: visibility via ASO and notoriety thanks to user reviews and ratings.
Publish your mobile apps on the biggest app stores from a single interface and take advantage of their notoriety to promote your business. Regular improvements made by our developers ensure that your mobile apps are always up to date with the latest operating systems and smartphones upgrades.

Build your app in 4 easy steps with GoodBarber:

1. Create Your Account:choose App name and App template
2. Create Content and App Design:follow the "Get Started" step-by-step Menu in your new Back-Office
3. Test your app:use "My GoodBarber" app or the back-office preview for your PWA
4. Submit your app to the stores:click on "Publish my app" button
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GoodBarber for Design: create beautiful apps
without a single line of code

The design of GoodBarber App Builder has never stopped evolving and has recently succeeded in adopting a user-centric design based on a Design System with a double result:
  • ✓ optimize creation workflow for its users
  • ✓ ensure top quality design of outgoing mobile apps

App Design objectives:

  • Guarantee a smooth and optimal user experience
  • Ensure visual consistency between the pages of an app across different platforms.
  • Streamline template customization and apps UX overall, by implementing clear and easy design principles.

What is a good App design

So, what makes an app stand out ? What factors should you focus on to make a good app design ? Here are some guidelines used by GoodBarber:

White space balancing:
Too much information can lead to confusion and a negative experience.
Finding the same spaces between elements is also a simple way to ensure visual consistency between pages. We will therefore rely on a grid to ensure alignment, which is essential for a fluid reading.

Clear Information hierarchy:
A good contrast between the different text levels contributes to the visual organization and guides the reading.

Good font and color management:
The user is invited to select a theme that they can then customize to create the visual identity of their app.

A single interface:
A powerful backend to manage all your content, products, orders, users, team members, statistics.
Create content directly from the back-office of your app, or use one of 30 available connectors to sync your content. A Wysiwyg User Interface backed by Drag and Drop functionality makes app building easy for everyone.

App design 100% customizable:
Perfect templates designed by experts to the highest standard of UX to offer your users the best mobile experience out there. Every step of the way, you can preview all the changes you make to your app design in real time.
Get started your app from a pre-built template or create a custom app from scratch: with GoodBarber, it's up to you! Our No-Code App Builder makes you build professional mobile apps with the best UX and stunning design.


Modern app makers offer several strategies and tools to their users to monetize mobile apps. GoodBarber App builder provides with advanced monetization features through a large number of extensions, customizable and actionable at will.
Choose from two monetization strategies available in your app making platform:

App monetization: Ads networks

Advertising: AD Networks and AD Units for sale

You can make money from your app by placing different kinds of ads. GoodBarber offers you two options:
  • External ADs:Connect to third-party ads networks like AdMob, Ad Manager or Facebook.
  • Selling ADs emplacementsIt might be more interesting for you to deal directly with advertisers and/or local businesses to sell ads placements in your app: this feature allows you to create your own ads.

In-App Purchase

app monetization: In-app purchase
In-App Purchase has become very popular and lucrative. Among the different categories of in-app purchases, the subscription model is the most popular. Indeed, subscriptions offer benefits for both you and your users. They provide you with a recurring, reliable income as well as a more loyal and engaged audience. For your users, in-app purchase offers a great experience and added value without having to leave the app.

Integration & Automation

GoodBarber app builder is an extensible platform designed to interface with many tools via connectors: integrate your apps with best third-party tools available on the market. This will help you to simplify the workflow, automate tasks and routines in order to save precious time. The R&D team ensure socket evolution and new connectors development.


With the Zapier extension, you have the ability to connect your app to thousands of other online services. It's the perfect add-on to set up automations. Zapier is a no-code tool that you can use to connect apps and automate different tasks.

Automation Connectors : Integromat

Make (Integromat)

With the Make add-on, you have the possibility to connect your eCommerce app to thousands of other online services. Create your customized scenario with Make. Build workflows,  automate repetitive tasks involved in using GoodBarber eCommerce App builder and make your work easier.

Integration: Public API

Public API

Scale up your eCommerce app with our Public API. Endless automation possibilities for logistic management. With our Public API, upload your catalog inside your Shopping App and Facebook shop: any bulk changes in your inventory, pricing, new collections that you make on your Shopping app are easily updated in your Facebook Shop.

Choose the most versatile app builder

While opting to build an app with an app maker software has many advantages, the choice of the best platform boils down to your business rules and goals. What may be the best solution for one app may not be the ideal choice for another. So, once you've decided to go with an app builder platform, choose the one that offers multiple features, adapt to all devices and all kind of business: GoodBarber is made for you!

  1. Shopping apps for your eCommerce store
  2. White Label app reseller program
  3. Use Pre-built templates or build from scratch: more than 500 features to customize your app
eCommerce : Shopping app builder

Boost your Online Store with a Shopping app. Start eCommerce App Builder

GoodBarber is a fully functional Ecommerce App Builder, designed for mobile devices! Deliver the best Customer Experience within a Shopping app: seamless navigation, fast loading, one-click payment, push notifications.

One-Stop-Shop eCommerce development Platform:

  • Manage your PWA, Android & iOS Shopping apps from a unique back-office
  • Benefit from dedicated eCommerce features you will find in our Extensions Store 
  • Connect your Shopify Store with your Mobile app
  • Simplify your workflow trough your Shopping app with external automations tools: Zapier, Make
Online Store Management | Local Delivery + In-Store PickUp | Built-in eCommerce payment solutions

Shopping App Builder

Reseller App Builder management interface

Start your App Business. Try White Label App Builder for Resellers

GoodBarber's App Reseller program allows you to build and sell mobiles apps easily. You are enabled to create an unlimited number of apps and publish them on the Web (PWA), on Google Play Store (Android apps) and on the App Store (iOS apps). You have access to a dedicated management interface from where you build your apps. The GoodBarber brand is hidden from the projects you create and display your brand instead.
White Label Apps | Unlimited apps builder | Dedicated Support & Assistance

App Reseller Program

Over 500 features to build your own app the way you want

Whether you start building your app from scratch or using pre-built templates, with GoodBarber you'll take advantage of more than 500 features and extensions to make custom apps for iOS and Android that perfectly match your needs and ambitions. Some picks:
in-app purchase

In-App Purchase

Make money in your app with in-app purchases subscriptions. For an In-App purchase, the user doesn't need to create an account or fill in their billing information: the purchase is made in a simple and fast way
Push notifications

Push Notifications

Something new with your app? Automatically notify your users. Manage different types of messages and target precise recipient groups. Schedule your notifications
Wordpress plugin

WordPress Plugin

Automatically share your WordPress website content in your app with GoodBarber Wordpress plugin. The GoodBarber Plugin for WordPress is an extension of the JSON API plugin
Product catalog import /export

Product Import/Export

Manage your products catalog in record time. Create your catalog in one action. Include in a Excel file all your products specifications. Export your catalogue in a format that can be re-used by your partners and your apps
Local delivery

Local delivery & In-Store PickUp

Set up your delivery zones by zip code and offer fast delivery to your local community. Take orders directly from your app: your products will be with your customers in a few hours. You will significantly increase your sales


By activating Stripe on your e-commerce app, your customers will be able to pay in your store using the tools offered by Stripe. There are several ways for customers to pay, including traditional credit card payments, browser-based payment API requests, in-store payments (customer account), and Apple Pay


Convert your Shopify store into a native app, taking care of the whole process and offering you a new sales channel available on Google Play and the App Store. With your mobile eCommerce app, users can pay with face or fingerprint recognition.


Convert your WooCommerce store into a mobile app. Your GoodBarber app will constantly synchronize with your WooCommerce store, and all orders received on the app will be automatically displayed on your WooCommerce back office.

Extensions Store

✅ Top Advantages Of Using An App Builder

Here are some of key benefits of using an app creation software:
  • No Programming Knowledge Required: the main advantage of using an app building platform is you can make your own app, regardless of your programming skills. A good app builder makes the development process straightforward and seamlessly for users, operating through a drag and drop interface.
  •  Cost-Effective Solution: when you use a mobile app maker to build your own app, the app development costs are way lower than hiring a professional development team or a mobile apps development agency.
  •  Fast Speed To Market: With an app builder, you can get your app up and running at an accelerated pace, as the app development time is very short. However, this does not include the time it takes to publish the app to app stores, which depends on the submission process, including app store rules and policies.
  •  Pre-Built Architecture: Another silver lining of using app making software is the availability of pre-built architecture that can help many users create their apps in no time. A ready-made architecture providing pre-built wireframes and design can be extremely helpful in making the development process more manageable. Moreover, themes and templates often follow the best User Experience criteria in terms of navigational elements and icons, helping users have a stellar experience while on your app. Unless you are creating something incredibly unique that requires advanced features and customization coding, the architecture can reduce the time to market and help you create apps with the best UI & UX standards.
  • Rapid prototyping: App builders make it easy to prototype your app, which means you can test out different ideas and features before you launch your app. This can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your app is successful.
  • Customer Support: many app builder platforms offer extensive customer support that can help you before and after creating an app, including stores submission process.
  • Available Online, 24 hours a day, an app making software doesn't require any installation nor local technical resources

✅ Who should use an app builder ?

An app builder is for everyone. At GoodBarber, we believe app maker platforms are designed for everyone who wishes to create a mobile app. However, you should definitely choose a no-code app builder when you are in one of these situations:
  • You have no technical knowledge
  • You are a solopreneur or a small startup
  • You wish to reduce development time and costs
  • You want to leverage the potential of an app maker to build your app, which would otherwise require an app development team

✅ Best app builders for mobile apps

There are many no code development platforms for mobile apps available on the market, making it harder for users to select the right one. Therefore, we have crafted a benchmark of some of the best app builders to help you choosing the one that fit your needs and expectations.

  • GoodBarber

GoodBarber assists users in creating iOS and Android apps without coding. Its app builder is easy to use and intuitive. It's a DIY tool for novice users with no programming skills that gives you access to all the features you need to create dynamic mobile apps without difficulty, using a cloud-based drag and drop editor within a WYSIWYG visual interface that eliminates the complexity of coding.
Its app making software allows you to add products, forms, widgets, Ads and your branding to your app that will be available on both iOS and Android app stores and usable from desktop, smartphone and tablet. 
It also enables to complement your apps with best third-party tools to simplify the workflow, automate tasks saving precious time.
Finally, GoodBarber app builder is the best solution for anyone who wants to create professional apps with the best design, quickly and securely: everyone can use it!

 To date, over 30,000 apps have been published through GoodBarber, and the number keeps growing. The platform is built in France but has expanded its roots in Portugal and the United States of America. 
Moreover, GoodBarber has been reported as a highly trusted No-Code platform by many prestigious product reviews out there.

  • Appy Pie (AppMakr)

Appy Pie App Maker offers a free plan that allows users to develop and test applications for personal, non-commercial use. The basic service is free, but only produces games and apps compatible with HTML 5. Key features include offline capabilities that help users access their apps even without internet connectivity, comprehensive customer support, and AWS security. It is one of the biggest app maker platforms based in the United States of America.

  • Buildfire

The BuildFire application development platform helps organizations of all kinds to create custom plugins, or use inbuilt plugins to build their mobile apps. The app-builder is interactive, and requires no coding to create apps. Buildfire is based out of the United States of America and has over 10,000 apps under its belt. 

  • App Institute

Based in the United Kingdom, AppInstitute is a cloud-based application development platform that offers support for Native apps. Users can create stunning applications as per their business needs without code. AppInstitute offers a drag and drop editor with multiple premium templates available for users to build mobile apps.

  • Andromo

Andromo is mobile app builder for Android apps, but it has now ventured into the iOS space as well (still in beta). The platform helps you create apps with its long list of features, templates, and no coding skills. Andromo is still in its early stages, and based in the Netherlands.


iBuildApp is an app-building platform that helps users seamlessly create Android and iOS apps. It provides widgets for location/contact us, coupons, video, audio, pictures, RSS, Twitter/Facebook and many other features. This company is based in the United States of America.

Make an app

As technology advances, app builders are embracing emerging trends, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, and significantly impacting the app development industry. In this article, we will explore these developments and their implications for the future of mobile app development.
A. Emerging Trends in App Builder Technology:
  1. Low-code and No-code Revolution: The rise of low-code and no-code app builders has democratized app development. These platforms offer intuitive interfaces and pre-built components, allowing users with limited coding knowledge to create functional apps. The trend towards empowering citizen developers is likely to continue, leading to increased app innovation and faster time-to-market.
  2. Real-Time Collaboration: App builders are increasingly incorporating real-time collaboration features, enabling teams to work together seamlessly. This trend promotes efficient communication, fosters creativity, and accelerates app development cycles by eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining feedback loops.
  3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA): App builders are adapting to the growing demand for Progressive Web Apps. PWAs combine the best of web and native app experiences, providing users with fast, reliable, and engaging app-like interactions. App builders are enhancing their capabilities to support PWA development, enabling businesses to reach a wider audience across different devices and platforms.
B. Integration of AI and Automation:
  1. Intelligent App Templates: App builders are incorporating AI-powered templates that leverage machine learning algorithms to automate the app development process further. These templates can analyze user data, preferences, and behavior, allowing app builders to generate personalized app experiences tailored to individual users.
  2. Automated Testing and Debugging: AI is revolutionizing the testing and debugging process by automating repetitive tasks. App builders are integrating AI algorithms to analyze code, identify bugs, and suggest fixes, reducing manual effort and enhancing the overall quality of app development.
  3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Voice Interfaces: With the rise of voice-enabled devices and virtual assistants, app builders are integrating NLP and voice interface capabilities. This integration enables app builders to create conversational app experiences, providing users with intuitive voice commands and natural language interactions.
C. Impact on the App Development Industry:
  1. Accelerated Time-to-Market: App builders have significantly reduced the development time required to build functional apps. The speed and efficiency offered by app builders empower businesses to bring their ideas to market quickly, enabling faster product iterations and a competitive edge.
  2. Democratization of App Development: The accessibility and ease-of-use provided by app builders have democratized app development. This trend has lowered the entry barriers for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups, allowing them to leverage app technology without extensive technical knowledge or large budgets.
  3. Collaboration between Developers and Citizen Developers: App builders foster collaboration between professional developers and citizen developers. This collaboration promotes knowledge sharing, enhances creativity, and leverages the strengths of both groups, resulting in innovative and feature-rich apps.
  4. Shifting Developer Skill Sets: As app builders continue to evolve, developers are adapting their skill sets. They are focusing more on integrating APIs, customizing app builder platforms, and developing complex functionalities that go beyond the capabilities of app builders. Developers are becoming facilitators and enablers, working alongside app builders to create scalable and robust solutions.
Opportunities for the app builder market :
  1. Expansion of mobile usage. With the increasing number of mobile users worldwide, app builders have an opportunity to grow their user base by providing easy-to-use mobile application development solutions.
  2. Emerging technologies: app builders can leverage emerging technologies like AI and machine learning to improve their functionality and provide users with more advanced features.
  3. Increasing demand for customized solutions: with more businesses seeking customized solutions to meet their specific needs, app builders have the opportunity to provide tailored solutions to their clients.

✅ How do app builders make money?

There are distinctive pricing models available across app maker platforms. So, we have narrowed it down for you. You will find the following subscription plans:

  • Monthly/Yearly Subscription: in this case, you have to pay a fixed monthly fee to retain the services of the app maker and keep your app active. This may require a one-time setup initial cost.
  • One-Time Fee: some platforms charge a one-time fee and offer support for the applications created. However, this support can be for a limited time or features and may require additional payments to expand the services. Many users choose this option if they wish to operate the app without recurring payments.
  •  Freemium: some app builders offer basic features for free but charge a set fee or a monthly subscription for additional features or services.
  • Free: some app makers offer a free to use platform, which helps users create minimalistic apps for free. However, many of them include advertisements in their apps to generate revenue.

✅ How much does it cost to build an app in 2023

Many app builders offer a pricing model where fees vary based on the number of projects, downloads, features, active users, modules, and distribution channels.
Although some platforms are cost-effective, you may need to shell out upwards of $200/month on some app makers to build and maintain an app that requires additional features and add-ons.

GoodBarber offers custom pricing solutions based on your business needs. If you need an e-commerce mobile application, you can opt for a Standard plan (35€/month) which offers features such as 1 PWA, 30 themes, payment gateway integration and more. The Premium package (€62/month) provides all the features of the Standard, plus native Android and iOS app and 20 extensions included. The PRO plan (€125/month) contains all the features of Premium, plus unlimited apps and extensions. Similar payment structures are available for classic/content apps.
GoodBarber also offers great deals for app resellers.

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