Push notifications

Deliver the right notification at the right time. Whether is it a time based or a location based notification, your audience will receive the relevant information in the palm of their hand.

Push Notifications+

  • Target users according to their behavior


    Target the users who will receive push notifications according to: the number of times they’ve opened the app in the last 30 days, their app version, or for instance, only target the users who’ve never received a push notification before.

  • Target users according to their device


    Target the users who will receive push notifications according to the device they use.

  • Geographical targeting


    Target the users who will receive push notifications according to their geographical position.

  • Nominative targeting

    eCommerce apps

    Target your customers and prospects by name or in batches and create communication strategy even more personalized.

  • Send notifications in the browsers


    Send push notifications that your users will receive directly in their web browser, on mobile, tablet and desktop. Push web notifications are compatible with Chrome Desktop & Android, Firefox Desktop & Android, and Opera Desktop & Android.

  • Choosing the notification sound and the badge

    iOSContent apps

    Customize notifications by choosing the sound associated with them and by choosing to turn on or off the badge display on iOS.

  • Push notifications statistics

    Analyze the performance of your notifications by using statistics on their open rate and click-through rate.

  • Anti-flood security

    A server safety system prevents mistakes, such as repeated deliveries or unintentional delivery of a large number of push notifications over a very short period of time.

  • Dispatch time restriction

    For scheduled push notifications you can select the hours within with users will receive notifications: at any time, during defined time windows or during a specific time slot.

  • Sending manual notifications to users

    You can send notifications manually to your users for one time communication with your audience.

  • Choosing the action upon opening the notification

    Define the action which will be triggered upon users opening the push notification: opening the app, being directed towards the Home or a specific section, or an external link.

  • Scheduling future dispatches

    Precisely schedule the dispatch of manual push notifications by selecting the date and time of dispatch. Activate the local time option to remain relevant to international users.

  • Real-time notification preview

    Your GoodBarber back office lets you preview how your notification will be displayed on your users’ devices in real time.

  • Real-time calculation of the number of recipients

    Visualize the number of recipients for your push notification based on the targeting rules you’ve applied in real time.

  • Complete history of sent notifications

    Check the full history of push notifications sent with the title, description, sender, date of dispatch and notification status.

  • Scheduling a dispatch upon the publication of content

    Create dispatch rules for scheduled push notifications related to the publication of new content for any section within your app.

  • Adding a prefix to the notification

    Add a prefix to your scheduled push notifications.

  • Transactional push notifications

    eCommerce apps

    Customize push notifications sent to your customers at different stages of the order process: order confirmation, order processing, order cancellation.

SMS Notifications+

  • Send SMS

    Send your users notifications directly on their mobile devices via SMS.

  • Text personalization

    See the number of recipients and create 140 character messages from your backend, so a single SMS is sent to each recipient. 

  • History

    Easily view the history of messages sent to your users, from your GoodBarber backend. 

  • Increased reach

    SMS notifications work on all mobile models, in 221 countries. 

Geo alerts+

  • Geofence


    Define geographical areas which will be used to trigger the display of notifications.

  • Notifications

    Display notifications when a user enters or exits a geofence zone.

  • Beacon

    Manage a fleet of iBeacons to trigger the display of notifications.

  • Customizable beacon layout

    The GoodBarber back office lets you specify the beacon layout of your choice for your fleet of beacons.

  • Triggering distance

    Determine the distance within which beacons will trigger the display of notifications.