Selling on mobile provides the best conversion rates. Get access to a suite of features that will make your business take off.


  • All-in-one

    Take advantage of the full power of GoodBarber applications to create your online shop. It is the new generation of eCommerce totally dedicated to mobile. The eCommerce features automatically offer all the power of large platforms.

  • Universal access

    With native apps (iOS  and/or Android) and PWA versions, eCommerce apps target all clients and leads. Native apps offer the best technology has to offer to your loyal clients. PWA and their adaptable format allow you to be  present on all screen types (smartphones, tablets, desktop).

  • ASO and SEO

    Native apps are indexed on the Apple and Google Stores (App Store, PlayStore).
    PWA are accessible by URLs and like classic websites can be indexed. 
    You benefit from an exceptional presence on all sales channels.

  • Easy payments

    Payments have never been so easy for your clients: one-click payments, Digital Wallets (Apple Pay), saved cards. Payment is now a simple task. Our partners Stripe and Paypal warranty the best technology at a reduced cost. 

  • Catalog eCommerce

    Your catalog can contain 10 products or hundreds. Everything can be managed in one click: variants (Size, colors, fabrics...), automatically updated stocks, images and descriptions, price (selling price, sales price), SKU. Collections offers you an intuitive way to group and showcase your products. 

  • Marketing tools

    Engage your clients directly from your app back office with ready to use marketing tools: push notifications, email template, discounts and promotion tools. 

Product management+

  • Focal point

    Center the illustration image of your products exactly where you want them. A simple drag and drop of the marker and your image is well centered. The operation is carried out directly on the product page in a very simple way.

  • Product Thumbnail

    Your products thumbnails are automatically created from your default image. You can easily modify it by selecting another image and setting it as your thumbnail source. 

  • Variants

    Quickly create the variations of each of your products. Size, colours, materials or any other variation. Each variant has its own characteristics (images, reference, stock, price). It is possible to create 100 variations per product.

  • Selling price / Compare at price

    Each variant has a selling price. It is the selling price displayed in your shop. You can also set a compare at price that will serve as reference price. 

  • Stock management

    Manage your stock from your admin interface. For each product and its variant, set a starting stock. After each sale, the stock will be updated minus the quantity sold.
    You also have the option to set an unlimited stock. 

  • Add product in a collection

    Each product can be added to collections. Collections are a group of product that can be presented in your online shop. 

  • Tags

    Tags are keywords describing your products. You can use tags to create automatic collections (ex: Tag "Men" to create a "Men" collection)

  • Similar products

    At the bottom of each product, you can display similar products to suggest additional shopping ideas or alternative options to the product.

  • SEO

    By using a PWA, all your products are indexed on the search engines. Each product has a title tag and meta-description tag. You can also customize the products slug. 

  • PDF

    Need to add a user manual or documents to some products? You can add a PDF per product page

  • Out-of-stock

    Keep your out-of-stock products displayed in your catalog with a "out-of-stock" label. With the option, your customers still have access to your full catalog even with a product momentarily not available.

Back office+

  • Available in 5 languages

    The GoodBarber back office is available in 5 languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. All these translations are carried out by employees in their native language. 

  • Subscription management

    Easily change your subscription from monthly to yearly, or upgrade.

  • Files management

    Take advantage of file storage and organise them in folders. These elements will then be accessible from a dedicated URL.

  • Taxes

    How to simplify complex tax management? We've done it for you by collaborating with a specialist maintaining an updated official rate list. For each shipping zone / country, you can now automatically manage your taxes. You also have the option to manually manage the rates applied in your shop. 

  • Shop information

    Set all your shop information in one go. 
    First all the contact details: address, email, phone, et of course the name of your shop. Then the metric standards  weight and currency). Continue with your social media : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Finally, add the legal informations that will appear at the bottom of your invoices. Et voila! You're all set. 

  • Custom URL

    Link your domain name to your back office if you don't want to access it from

  • Get Started screen

    When you first connect to your back office, a Get Started will review all the main features of the back office to help you get settled.

  • Wizard

    GoodBarber back office offers a wizard that will help you along the way to create your app. 

  • Public APIs

    You can connect your shopping app to third-party services to help you automate and streamline your operational process. A detailed documentation is available to guide developers through the settings.

Checkout process+

  • Auto Login

    Your clients are automatically authenticated after the first connection. They are recognized as soon as the application is launched. A powerful argument for faster purchase on your shop.

  • Permanent Cart

    With the auto-login, the cart becomes permanent: your clients can add products to the cart, leave the app and come back to continue their order later on. They will also find the same cart and will be able to finalise their order like on Amazon. 

  • Checkout mode

    Decide the checkout process for your eCommerce. You can decide that an account is required to order or that checkout can be done as a guest.You have the possibility to test, compare and modify your settings at any time. 

Payment providers+

  • Digital Wallets : Apple Pay & Google Pay (soon)

    Simplify your clients' purchases to the extreme with the integration of Digital Wallets. These native solutions directly transmit your client's address to your app and validate the payment without any need for re-entering. Perfect to save time, extremely easy to process...and a much better conversion rate.

  • One-click payment

     Payment Request API is a solution that uses a credit card registered in an Internet browser. 

  • Stripe

    Your app is natively configured to connect with the Stripe payment gateway. All you have to do is open an account with them (5mn) and your shop is ready to record its first sales.
    GoodBarber does not charge any fees on transactions. Stripe is also one of the cheapest gateways on the market.

  • Paypal

    The Paypal payment solution is appreciated by clients for its security and reliability.
    Natively present, you just need to create an account with Paypal to start and collect your first payments.

  • Offline Payment

    You can have an online presence even without offering online payment or set up accounts with payment gateways. With offline payment, you choose the method of payment that suits you best: COD, check, bank transfer, etc. Additional benefit: a lot of people still prefer to use cash for their daily transactions or are not willing to give the card info online. By offering an offline mode, you will reach a wider audience and boost your sales.

  • Stripe Extended

    Answer your customers needs in countries with specific payment methods, such as iDeal, popular in the Netherlands, or Giropay, widely used in Germany. The Stripe Extended extension enables you to offer an additional 7 payment options, allowing customers around the world to access your platform: Alipay, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDEAL, Klarna, Przelewy24

Order details+

  • Changing the status of an order

    Changing the status of an order is done in one click. Click on the button of the current status of the order. The other possible statuses appear. Choose the new status and it's done. Changing an order status generates an automatic email to your client. The latter is thus informed at any time of the progress of their order.

  • Resend order status email

    When an order changes status, an automatic email is sent to the customer. If they tell you that they have not received it, simply look at the event history of the order. An action button allows you to resend the notification without re-entering it.

  • Note on the order

    Some orders may have special instructions. The notes area in your management interface is dedicated to this purpose. Add any instructions and/or preparation notes. They are only visible to your teams and not visible to the client.

  • Order tracking

    For each order, an insert is dedicated for the entry of the url of the tracking of the shipped package. This link will be shared with your client and will allow them to track their order.

  • Printing an order

    An order form is generated for each order finalized by a client. It is available in the details of each order. It can be printed for the person preparing the order.

  • Printing an invoice

    An invoice is generated each time an order is finalized. This invoice is available in the details of each order. It can be printed to be added to the order shipping documents.

  • Change shipping address

    You can change the shipping address of an order. This is particularly useful if the client reports an input error after ordering or if you notice an error yourself.


  • Shipping zones

    You choose the geographical areas you want to cover. For each zone you can create the appropriate carriers. Ship locally, only in some countries or worldwide: everything is planned and easily set up in a few clicks.

  • Tailored rates

    For each shipping zone, you set up the carriers and the shipping times. This provides a true added value that the customer can choose to activate when ordering.
    Find the best economic balance by choosing the invoicing method according to your eCommerce: the weight or the amount of the order.

  • Free shipping

    Free shipping is very popular with clients and a great trigger for purchases. However, they are expensive for e-merchants. Via the interface, set the conditions (maximum weight, minimum cart value, chosen carrier) that will limit their costs while satisfying your clients.

  • Time slots

    Set up your shop’s hours of operations: opening hours, pickup times, delivery times, and holiday closures. You can even set the number of time slots available per day and the minimum time between an order and the first time slot available, allowing you enough time for prep. When your clients select the local delivery or in-store pick-up methods, they will be able to choose among the time slots available.

  • Local delivery

    Set up your delivery zones by radius or zip codes. By radius: Define zones around your store with a minimum and maximum radius and cover the areas where your closest clients are. By zip code: Set up delivery zones according to zip codes and we will automatically verify that your client's zip code matches your delivery zone. Your clients place their order from your app and within a few hours, your products are on their doorsteps.

  • In-store pick-up

    As easy as from app to Store. Lower your packaging and shipping cost, while helping your clients save time and money by picking up their order at your shop. With this option, you have one more chance to provide an exceptional customer experience, drive foot traffic to your physical location and benefit from an additional opportunity to increase sales with strategically placed products and impulse buy.


  • Discounts

    Offer discounts to your client. Create them directly from the back office by choosing an amount or percentage, their scope, their validity date and their usage limit

  • Generate discount codes

    Choose your own discount codes or generate them directly with the tool integrated in the back office.

  • Discount list

    See at a glance the list of rdiscounts you have created regardless of their status: past, current or future. The list also includes the number of discounts used, useful to calculate the conversion rate of your campaign.

  • Push notifications

    Send notifications to your clients manually to communicate with your clients and leads on an ad hoc basis.

  • Sending push notifications by name

    Target your clients and leads by name or in batch and create an ever more personalized communication strategy.