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Content apps

Content apps

With GoodBarber, create apps to deliver any type of content: editorial content, community or loyalty features. Bring your ideas to life with an app exceptionally designed.

eCommerce apps

eCommerce apps

With GoodBarber, create your online store and sell your products on every channel (Apple Store, Google Play and Web). Enhance your products with a beautiful app and increase your profits.


Native app


GoodBarber delivers native apps in Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, to ensure the best user experience on each platform.

Progressive Web App


GoodBarber delivers Progressive Web Apps in Angular 8.0. This next generation of web apps allows for a one of a kind reactivity and the most advanced user experience, on mobile and beyond, tablets and desktop alike.

Unique back office

Take advantage of the most advanced management system on the market. The GoodBarber back office is intuitive and lets you build, without any coding skills, a project equipped with the latest cutting edge technology out there. A creation tool, as well as a one-stop-shop for managing and monitoring your work, it’s an unbeatable asset to make your project a success.

Extensions Store

Content apps

More than 140 advanced features can be added to your back office from the Extensions Store. Select features based on your area of expertise or needs and organize your workspace accordingly, you’re in charge!

GoodBarber & you

Intellectual property

GoodBarber is a technology which lets you create, organize and deliver your content to your audience: images, logo, videos, audio files, texts, you name it. You are and will always remain the sole owner of the said content.

No ads, aside from yours

GoodBarber doesn’t and will not circulate ads on its behalf within your app. When advertising is featured, it’s the campaigns which you’ve set up beforehand, thus generating revenue of your own.

No branding, yours aside

You are the one and only owner of your project; GoodBarber is just the tool which allows you to bring it to life. No GoodBarber references are present within your app.

Data recovery

Content produced through GoodBarber belongs to you. If you wish to switch technologies and carry on your project elsewhere, you may export your data.

Clear up-front pricing, no surprises

GoodBarber offers non-binding monthly subscriptions. All pricing is up-front. There are no hidden costs upon using our product. Take advantage of our 30-day free trial period, no credit card required, which gives full access to our product’s set of features. It’s possible to save on your subscription with an annual plan.

No commission on your sales

eCommerce apps

GoodBarber does not charge any commission on your sales. All the profits generated by your shop go to you, regardless of the amount of these profits.

Content apps

3 list templates

Choose between 3 templates to display your list of tweets. Each has its own look and feel so that you can find the one most relevant to your project.

Profile display

The information associated with the Twitter account profile you synch with the section is retrieved and displayed.

Users management
Content apps

Dedicated interface

The GoodBarber back office includes an interface dedicated to the management of app users. It gives access to the list of users, their location, the group they are attached to, their latest login date as well as social data.

User panel

For each user, you have access to a detailed panel with all the information related to their profile which you can edit at any time.

Advanced search and sorting

The interface supports search by name, as well as advanced sorting options : by group, latest date of login as well as sign up dates.

Adding users

You can add users simply by creating their profile manually.

Import/Export of users

GoodBarber allows the import and export of the user list in .csv format.

Content apps

Automatic rewards

GoodBarber lets you set up automatic rewards for your clients: a Welcome Gift for new customers, Happy Hour, a reward based upon the location of the client, or a Welcome Back gesture to loyalize clients.

Manual rewards

You can also set up manual and spontaneous rewards to engage your clients. Define the title, description and content of the reward, as well as the settings of the related notification.

Customizing the design

Customize the design of your rewards by selecting a color or background image, icon, as well as the text colors and fonts.

Period of validity

Define the validity period for each of your rewards: none or on a precise date.

Detailed statistics

Check the performance of each of the rewards sent out through a statistics interface: filter per reward, visualize the amount of rewards offered, how many were opened or redeemed.

Loyalty program management
Content apps

Global statistics

A dedicated interface, integrated within the GoodBarber back office, lets you analyze the results of your loyalty program and estimate profit.

Statistics per user

For each user, it is possible to know how many times the loyalty card has been completed and their membership status.

Profit estimation

Based on the value assigned to each point collected through your loyalty card, you can see an estimate of the amount of transactions conducted through your loyalty program.

Adjusting period settings

Adjust results per period: 7 or 30 days, current month, past month or even customize the time frame.

Statistics export in CSV

Export all the statistics data related to your loyalty program in .csv format in one single click.

Promotional tools for your loyalty program

The GoodBarber back office offers several promotional tools for your loyalty program. Facebook or Twitter sharing, email engagement as well as push notifications.

Customer management
Content apps

Customer management

Access the list of your clients registered for your loyalty program from a dedicated interface. Sort them according to their membership status, logins or most recent point validations.

Detailed client profile

Acceda y edite los perfiles de sus clientes. Foto, inicio de sesión, ubicación y descripción.

Manual card management

Manually manage the number of points and membership status of each of your clients.

Content apps


If you are a developer, you may create one or several modules specifically designed for your app. Simply develop your plugin like a mini HTML/JS/CSS app and it will be embedded directly inside your app to function effectively, even without a network connection.

Client side

The bundle of files which you’ve created for your plugin is executed directly on the client's side, for optimal reactivity. No loading time, no network connection dependency on the user’s side.

JavaScript API

GoodBarber grants you access to a JavaScript API to interact directly with the heart of the app. Your plugin can interface with the user connection, use the integrated caching mechanisms, or even access the device’s capabilities such as the GPS or camera.

Static HTML

Even if you can create advanced features with plugins, you can also decide to embed a simple HTML page, for instance to achieve a customized layout for a navigation page. This HTML code is cached within the app and serviceable without network connection.

Distant URLs

You may call up a page directly within your app, as you would with an iframe on your website.

Settings file

GoodBarber grants you access to the JSON file of your app settings. From there, you can identify all the options to customize your app.


Each available setting is documented, along with the list of compatible values, the setting’s description and how it operates within the app.

Advanced options

The GoodBarber back office is already very complete, but with this settings file you will find all of the structural and graphical settings of your app, including some of the most advanced.

Product catalog
eCommerce apps

Products description

Benefit from a ready-made matrix to manage your product pages. The architecture is already in place while you still have the flexibility to customise it.

Professional illustrations

Enhance your products will great photos. The automatic format management will help you.  You can select the focal point on each image to ideally catch the attention of your clients. 

Tailored collections

Easily group your products in coherent collections. The internal engine uses the tags and characteristics of your products to dynamically manage your collections. You can also create them manually. And associate them with specific sales channels. 

Delayed publication

Take the time needed to enrich your catalog: each product can be automatically published at a chosen date. You can now peacefully prepare your marketing events. 

Product identification

Each product in your catalog and its variant is identified by a unique reference. You can precisely manage your stock and orders. 
You can also add a weight per product and variant to help you better manage your shipping rates. 

Product list
eCommerce apps

Change of status

From the list of products in your interface you can change the status of a product. A product can be "Not Listed" (invisible to customers), "Delayed" (this allows it to be published automatically on a specific date), "Draft" (not yet publishable), "Published" (visible on the shop). The status can be changed individually or for a group of products.

Remove a product

Products can be added or removed. Individually or by groups. 

General information

The product list gathers all the products from your catalog, published or not published. For each product, the list shows the amount of variants available, stock quantity and corresponding collections. 
You can search products in your catalog. 

List of collections
eCommerce apps

Attributes of a collection

Visualize the attributes that characterize each of the collections.

Changes of status

Change the visibility of a collection on your shop by changing its status. You can make this change individually or in batches.


Collections can be added or removed. Individually or by batches.

Add/ edit collections
eCommerce apps

Identification of collections

Each collection is identified by a name and an image. 

Classification of products

In a collection you can choose how to classify products. These can be sorted by price, name and date of addition to the catalogue. You can also classify products manually within a collection.


When you use a PWA, each collection can be referenced by search engines. To optimize referencing, you have customizable fields for the title of your collection and its description.


Collections have two modes of publication  Listed and Not listed. You can prepare your collections in advance and publish them on the shop once they are finished.

Sales channels
eCommerce apps



Benefit from a native eCommerce app on the Apple App Store. Target a population of iPhone-owners with the best of iOS technology.



Benefit from a native app on Google's Play Store. Target the world's largest population of app users with Android smartphone owners.



Be visible everywhere with your PWA: simply enter a URL on a browser. PWAs offer the advantage of being referenced by Google like any other website and are visible on all devices. They are an excellent complement to your native apps and are integrated into all our offers.

Google Shopping (coming soon)

Expand your horizons with the Google Shopping add-on. It opens the doors of online advertising to reach new clients and offer all or part of your catalog.

Facebook Marketplace

Start selling your products directly on the world's largest social network and benefit not only from a tremendous visibility but also the smoothest shopping experience.

Client account
eCommerce apps

Order summary

Your client can access their order history and status in one click from the My Account section.

Multiple addresses

Your customer can register several addresses in their account which they can then use as a shipping and/or billing address when placing an order.

Credit card registration

Your clients can register several payment cards in their accounts. They can be used for one-click payment.

Order processing
eCommerce apps

Search feature

Search for an order in no time. You can search by name, address, client email or order number.

View orders by status

View all your orders according to their status. 3 states are available: "Pending" for orders waiting to be processed, "Processed" for orders that have been shipped, "Cancelled" for cancelled orders.

Acquisition channels

For each order, you see which acquisition channel allowed you to finalize the order. Important information to choose or focus your marketing strategy.

Change the status of several orders

Change the status of several of your orders at the same time. Simply select the orders, and choose their new status. Saving time, for example, when updating shipping.

Clients list
eCommerce apps

Clients display

View a list of all your clients who have ordered. As well as key informations: total purchase amount, date of last order, acquisition channel and their details. 

Leads display (user who has never ordered)

As for clients, view the list of all your leads, i.e. users who have registered on your site without having ordered. This info can allow you to start marketing campaigns.

Client acquisition channel

For each client and each order, view the acquisition channel used. This gives you information about the channels that work best and what type of efforts are needed to develop them.

Targeted push or by group

From the list of clients and leads, schedule your push notifications. You can make either send targeted push or by group.

Client details
eCommerce apps

Edit contact details

Edit your clients' details (address, phone) directly in your management interface.

Note on clients

Add a note on your client, directly in their page. This note will only be visible by your team.

Display clients statistics

Consult for each client their key statistics (order history, number of orders, amount of purchases, average cart..).


White label

Apps and their related back offices are in white label.

Reseller dashboard

Resellers have access to a unified interface to manage all of the apps tied to their reseller account.

Centralized information

Visualize the status for each of the apps within your reseller account at a glance, whether they are built or published.

Advanced search and filters

Use the search engine and display filters to quickly identify specific apps within your reseller account.

Unlimited apps

Link an unlimited number of native Android & iOS, and Progressive Web Apps to your reseller account.

Adding projects

Create new apps directly from your reseller dashboard. They will be automatically attached to your reseller account.

Linking existing projects

Attach previously created projects to your reseller account. Once attached they will automatically inherit all of the features included along with a reseller subscription.

Unified billing

Billing for the reseller account is unified, with one invoice including your subscription as well as the options you’ve purchased for specific apps within your reseller account.

Domain installation

Set up a domain name to customize the default URL of the back offices of the apps attached to your reseller account.

Team management

Grant access to the management interface of your reseller account to team members.