Video Tutorial: How to Generate your Android App with GoodBarber


This tutorial will show you the simplicity of the Android generation process, which will allow you to test your native Android app on your phone before submitting it to Google Play. If you opt for the "GoodBarber Takes Care" option, no need to read this article. If not, don't stress—it's not as complicated as it seems. Follow the instructions closely beginning with clicking the "I'll do it myself" option, and your app will be generated in no time. 

First time submitting the app?

Step 0 consists of letting us know whether this is the first time you are submitting your app or if it is an update of an existing app. If it is an update, don't forget to upload the Keystore in the next step. 

If it is the first time, you will automatically skip over steps 1 and 2, but keep in mind that the Package Name (a very important component of your app's identity determining the Android API Key as well as the Store URL) is found in Step 2.  

Create a Google API project

At Step 3 you will need to create a Google API project. Log in to the Google Developer's Console (you can use your normal Google account to access this), create a new project, and choose a name for it.

It is very important that you do not modify the default value of the Project ID.

After you click Create, copy your project number which you will find on the page that appears next and paste it into the corresponding field back in your GoodBarber back office. 

Activating API's

Return back to the project configuration page (in the Google Developer's Console) to activate the necessary API's. 

After going to API's & AUTH > API's, activate all of the following services, and accept the Terms of Service if asked:

-Google Maps Android API
-YouTube Data API
-Google Cloud Messaging API

Push Notifications

Return to the project configuration page again and this time click on Credentials > Create New Key > Server Key.

After following the instructions to create a Server Key in the Google Developer's Console, the following two IP ranges in your GoodBarber back office at Step 4.1 need to be copied:

Once you click Create, your Server API Key will be generated, which is what you will use to connect your YouTube section. Put this value into the appropriate field at Step 4.2 and return back to the Google Developer's Console to create your Android Key

Almost done!

Here you can enter your SHA1 certificate fingerprint and package name (these are found at Step 5.1 in the back office), and then copy the value of the Android API Key—make sure there are no mistakes when you copy it. Paste it into the corresponding field in your GoodBarber backend.

Everything is ready now to build your Android app!